Facebook users sue over scanning of “private” messages

The suit claims the messages are treated as though they had been posted publicly

January 2, 2014


FacebookTwo Facebook users are suing, claiming that “private” messages are being scanned and used to profile the sender’s activities.

“Contrary to its representations, ‘private’ Facebook messages are systematically intercepted by the company in an effort to learn the contents of the users’ communications,” Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley allege in their complaint, Courthouse News Service reported.

Campbell and Hurley say Facebook wrongfully profits from the information by selling it to advertisers, marketers and data aggregators.

The suit further charges that Facebook fails to adequately inform users that their supposedly private messages are subject to scanning just as though they had been publicly posted on the social network’s pages.

It alleges that Facebook violates the federal wiretap law as well as California privacy laws and seeks class action status.


Story provided by ConsumerAffairs.

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