No layoffs for Southwestern College

By Lina Chankar / Editor-in-Chief

Tonight’s Southwestern’s College Governing Board meeting was heated with comments from faculty after William Stewart’s sudden resignation on Friday.

After the board heard faculty comments they went into an almost five-hour closed session.

In a statement upon return, Governing Board President, Humberto Peraza, said he is sorry Stewart made the decision to leave, but they all respect his decision.

He continued by addressing hardships of running a college and the board’s decision on layoffs.

“After a long and painful discussion we have decided to pursue options that do not require layoffs, while continuing to pursue balancing our budget and reducing our deficit,” Peraza said.

He went on to say what type of damage layoffs would create.

“We felt the damage the layoffs would create in the community far outweighs the systems they would provide balancing the budget,” said Peraza. “We know we are taking a risk by taking the layoff option off the table. We have made the policy decision to take that risk.”

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